ELØ - klassikerne

A small taste of ELØ craft brewery

Tasting Plank 1 - The Classics

In front of you is a plank with five of our most popular beer types from ELØ's basic selection.

Before you start: All the way to the right on the plank, you will find a glass of cold, fresh water from Fitjar. Feel free to start by taking a sip of it and enjoy the good taste. The excellent water quality is one of the reasons why we can brew such incredibly good beer here at our little brewery. You can also have some water between each beer taste to cleanse your palate.

You are now ready to begin the beer tasting.

We recommend that you taste in order from left to right on the plank.

Nr. 1 from left, ELØ Topas:

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ELØ Topas - Mexican Lager

Mexican-style lager.
Alcohol 4,7%


Briefly about Topas

This is ELØ's version of the Mexican beer "Corona". This is a big seller every summer, perfect as a thirst-quencher on hot days. Besides being an ideal "terrace drink," Topas pairs well with all types of food, including light dishes such as salads and shellfish.

Topas offers a balanced taste with hints of citrus and herbs. This beer is perfect for both cozy evenings and festive occasions. Topas is both refreshing and flavorful.


Is Topas gluten free?

Yes! Topas is completely gluten-free, as it is brewed with barley malt, rice, and corn. Topas is therefore approved as a gluten-free beer. The beer is fresh, mild, and pleasant both in taste and on the stomach.


What is the difference between lager and pilsner?

Lager is a pilsner beer that is brewed and stored at cool temperatures. It is a durable beer that is very well-suited for aging and lager is German for "storage", hence the name lager beer.


Nr. 2 from left: ELØ Marmor:

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ELØ Marmor - Golden Pilsner

Marmor is an unfiltered light lager beer. This beer was among the first ones ELØ produced and remains one of our bestsellers.

Alcohol 4.7%


Summer beer for all seasons

Pilsner beer is a good choice all year round, but we definitely sell the most of this type of beer in the summer. Marble has low bitterness and a specific aroma from hops.


What is hops and why is it used?

Hops are added to nearly all beers. Hops are what give the beer a fresh and slightly bitter taste. The degree of bitterness in the beer is determined by the type and amount of hops added. Did you know that hops are the flowers of a climbing plant, which actually grows wild in Norway? ELØ imports hops from the USA. There are more than 250 different types of hops. The hops used in Marmor - Golden Pilsner are called Saaz.


Nr. 3 from left ELØ Kis:

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ELØ Kis - Pale Ale

Kis - is an unfiltered pale ale brewed with barley malt and wheat malt. Additionally, three types of hops are used, which give it a fresh and slightly bitter taste. Feel free to compare it with the two previous beers and notice the difference in bitterness. Which one do you like best?

Alcohol: 4.7%


How to pronounce Kis?

"Kis" is pronounced with a distinctly Norwegian "kj" sound, so "kjis". "Kis" has two meanings in Norwegian. One meaning is Kis pronounced with a "K" is a chap, a cool guy. The beer "Kis" is also quite cool, but it is actually named after the other meaning of the word, the mineral chalcopyrite that was extracted in the chalcopyrite mines on Stord!


Award winning beer!

Kis has won the following awards:

BEST NORWEGIAN PRODUCED BEER Bergen Int. Whisky & Beer Festival
BESTE ØL – DELFINALE Det Norske Måltid
BESTE FESTIVALØL Bergen Ølfestival


For the keen enthusiast:

Kis - Pale Ale is infused with the hop varieties Sorachi Ace, Mosaic, and Simcoe.


Nr. 4 from left ELØ Granitt:

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ELØ Granitt - Dunkel Bayer

Granitt means Granite and is one of the rock types found locally. Granitt is a dark, round, and pleasant lager beer brewed with barley malt.

Alcohol 4.7%


Malt for sweetness, hops for bitterness

This Bavarian-inspired beer is deep brown and copper-red in color, with a delicate flavor profile balanced between rich malt and bitter hops, with a hint of caramel.

What is malt?

Malt is grain that has been germinated, and when the grain has just begun to sprout, it is dried. It can also be lightly roasted, which makes the malt even darker in color and in flavor.


Tasting question:

Now you've tasted examples of beer with more and less hops. What do you notice most in Granitt - Dunkel Bayer, what is the predominant flavor for you? Do you feel mostly soft and rich malt, or fresh bitter hops?


Nr. 5 from left Golden Abbey:

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ELØ Golden Abbey 

Golden Abbey Belgian Patersbier is a light, fruity, and refreshing Belgian Single. The beer was brewed for Vinmonopolet, which regularly sends out such "commissioned tasks," allowing breweries to brew and submit proposals in hopes of being accepted. The winners are ordered into Vinmonololet's basic selection.

ELØ was ranked number 1, ahead of two Belgian breweries!

We are proud that Golden Abbey was selected and ordered, and ELØ Golden Abbey will be available in all Vinmonopol stores nationwide.

Alcohol 5,5%


Why is it called  Belgian Patersbier?

This beer style is brewed according to Belgian tradition, where monks brewed beer in the monasteries. This beer is also known as the "monk's daily ration."


The brewmaster's personal notes:

According to the brewmaster, this beer has a delicate balance between malt sweetness and hop bitterness, with a dry and clean finish in flavor. Additionally, he describes it as having a complex flavor profile with subtle hints of spice and fruit.